Do you have a doll you would like identified? Are you interested in selling or insuring a doll and would like to know the value? We have been appraising dolls, as well as buying, selling and repairing them for many years. We keep up to date on prices and trends in the market so can give you an accurate quote on current value.

We do both informal and formal doll appraisals.

Read More does both informal and formal doll appraisals. For informal appraisals of 1-5 dolls, you can email us the descriptions and pictures of the doll(s). We will send you a qualified brief appraisal of the doll with current value. It is a qualified appraisal since there may be things that we can't see in the picture that adversely affect the value (such as a crack in an antique doll or an unpleasant smell in a hard plastic doll). Clear pictures will result in a more accurate appraisal. This is a free service for 1-5 dolls.

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